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Market Share

Volvo Glemmarie
Our focus in building market share is a conscious strategic direction we pursue in our business model. Our business is scalable. Building market share therefore enables us to reap the benefits of the cost advantages and effectiveness from managing a larger distribution network. The focus on market share also inevitably directs the business model towards developing a customer centric service culture in order to distinguish us apart from the competition. This would therefore drive our organisation towards adopting winning and retaining customer programmes.

As significant players for the brands we represent, we actively engage with our principals which enable us to deepen our relationships further. We become the choice partner for expansion plans in the market and become an integral part of their future plans.

VW Glemmarie
Since 2009, we have embarked on major investments in opening new 3S (sales, service and spare parts) centres in strategic sites and upgrading of existing outlets. These investments will be stepped up for at least the next two to three years as we build on our market reach and hence developing our market shares further.

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