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Autoliv Hirotako Sdn Bhd

The recent addition to the group is the HHB group of companies.  HHB’s 51%-owned subsidiary, Autoliv Hirotako Sdn Bhd (AHSB), a joint venture with Autoliv A.B. of Sweden, is Malaysia’s leading supplier of automotive safety restraint products which include seat belts, airbag systems and steering wheels.  These products are part of the restraint system of a vehicle and AMSB also provides the development work to design and optimize the system’s performance with the vehicle’s own behaviour.  AMSB’s plant in Balakong, Selangor, includes comprehensive test facilities to support our design and development capabilities.

We expect the demand for airbags and seatbelts to continue to grow with increasing vehicle sales, greater consumer demand for safer vehicles and regulatory-driven demand with more stringent crash-test rating criteria in the future.

The New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia (ASEAN NCAP) was established in December 2011 with its Secretariat based in Melaka, Malaysia. It targets to raise consumer awareness on safety and to increase vehicle safety standards in the ASEAN region.  In collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) and Global NCAP, ASEAN NCAP published in February 2013 the result of its first phase test (frontal impact) involving seven popular models in the region’s market.  The second phase of ASEAN NCAP will involve side impact testing.

We foresee as governments place increasing emphasis on automotive safety, driven by the ASEAN NCAP tests, the long term prospects for AHSB is encouraging. Last year in 2012, the requirement for new passenger vehicles to be fitted with frontal airbags is only the beginning of this journey. We anticipate higher airbag fitment rates as OEMs design their vehicles to attain the highest crash test ratings. We believe the safety content per vehicle will trend upwards with vehicle manufacturers installing more airbags and other safety systems in their vehicles.

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